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We believe in Nature

Loving our Environment

@ Tfoliage workshop, we aim to be friendly to our environment by minimising unnecessary packaging.

Yes, we know a Beautiful Gift Box is so enticing..... However, if it is not necessary, you might like to consider to opt out of the Gift Box packaging and we will take SGD5.00 off the price.

Still, your chosen Reed Diffuser Bottle will come beautifully packed in our Kraft Paper Bag with Gift Tissue.

love our environment, pure essential oil, scent your space, home scent, reed diffuser, gift, relaxing, chill, therapeutic
MONTI Reed Diffuser, scent your space, anti-odor


Voice of Ms Kay Lee, Feb 11th, 2021

The scent of Michi

This 'Michi' scent is my favourite with its deep and uplifting sensation. It also really lasts long. Absolute value for money considering the quality. Love it...

Voice of Ms Takako Appleby, Feb 11th, 2021

The scent of Buon Natale

My friend gifted me this beautful reed diffuser (Buon Natale) at Christmas. I placed it on top of our Chinese cabinet at the entrance to welcome our guests with the lovely scent of citrus and pine. They always commented how lovely the scent was when they come into our home. That makes me feel happy. The scent is very delicate, relaxing and comforting for our mind. I'd like to try other range of scents as well. Well done, Janet!

Voice of Daniel Paul Anugraham, Fitness Trainer, Feb 8th, 2021