The world of scent for 365 days

1. a scent for the path ahead

Buon Anno is the scent of Tea Tree and Citrus with a Minty undertone to enhance a clear mind for the path ahead in a new year.

2. a scent to create a sweet & joyous ambience

Arancia is the scent of Sweet Orange with a woody undertone to welcome a new lunar year. The sweet citrus scent gives a sweet & joyous ambience.

3. a scent for romance & friendship

Romance a Sorrento is perfect for the day to celebrate Romance & Friendship with the special scent of floral, enhance with a woody scent. It promotes stable and sustainable relationship.

 4. a scent for cleansing

Citronella is the scent for the month of March. A reflective and cleansing scent to help purge the unwanted and embrace the change or new in life.

 5. a scent to clear and clean the mind

Basilico is the scent for a mid year reflection. It helps to promote a clear and clean mind to correct the path on the second half of the year.

 6. a scent to prepare for the journey ahead

There is a time to charge and a time to relax. Lavanda, a scent to soothe and pamper your mind and being to a chill, calming & relaxing space. To rest so you can create a more fulfilling journey ahead.

 7. a scent to rejoice (out of stock)

The time to harvest is here, Christmas and the festive holidays. Time to rejoice, to give and to receive. Buon Natale, a scent of Pine and Citrus, refreshing and uplifting, reminiscing the peak of the alps.